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Voice call services

Give your business an affective voice which can easily tend your customer to trust your services. This voice call service is always been the best marketing strategy because your words affect more to people rather than text messages. It also creates great excitement in your potential customers regarding your deals and discount offers, which tend them to participate in your offer in no time.

So, in just a single service, you are going to deal with a heavy crowd of leads.

Type2sms runs a voice call campaign which is highly impactable to fantasize your customers for your service deals, in this campaign we create a relevant and effective message for your audience on your company’s behalf. You can modify it anytime according to your requirements.

Type2sms is the best platform where you can achieve the maximum call deliveries in minimum time.

Unlike texts, the voice call campaign is more effective due to the fact that an SMS can be easily ignored by the people, but if a customer receives a voice call, chances are higher that he will surely consider your offer or your promotional message.

Our voice call service includes various features, some of them are –

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy-to-access
  • Easy to customize
  • Access Web control panel, through which you can easily update your software settings.
  • Its Multi language feature allows you to get connected with your customers all over the world.
  • Excellent call quality.

Our voice call service categories include product promotion, lead generation, reminders, announcements and so on……

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