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Short code and Long code

Short code service is an interesting marketing approach which tends you to receive your various customers’ response. A short code is a fewer digits number, minimum 5 to 6, which is why it is easy to remember for your potential customers.

So these numbers usually used by the customers for sending their replies or feedbacks to the company.

You must have noticed some texts of numerous companies mentioning their service offers and discounts and ask you to revert back on a mentioned fewer digit numbers like 167454 or 157484 or something like that.

This is the short code number.

This short code service allows numerous customers to interact with the organization regarding their deals and coupons, it directly affects your sales.

Long code is another service and as you can see its name, it is approx 10 digit longer code and mainly used for 2 way communication.

In opposite to short code, long code is useful for multiple purposes, like for making calls, sending SMS, or faxes etc. And as compared to short codes these long codes are much cheaper in cost.

So both the services are equally essential for marketing purposes and especially to know what your customers’ expect from you.

Type2sms is very well versed in catering all kinds of marketing needs of businesses, we assign a short code or a long code number and a keyword to the companies which they can use further to increase their sales.

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