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Missed call service

All the companies are always aimed to achieve growth, and for executing this purpose, they do numerous efforts on a daily basis and also face several challenges on their way.

And the foremost amongst all of the challenges is the lead generation. Just imagine, after all those efforts on marketing your business, you finally got responses from people who want to know more about your services and products and what about, if you missed their calls?

It’s a terrible situation, right?

Type2sms offers you a web based platform through where you can easily view all your missed calls and immediately call them back in your suitable time, this helps businesses in grabbing those people who take interest in your service, which will surely result in getting quality leads for your business.

This missed call alert service also facilitates your interested audience to reach you at a zero cost by just giving a missed call. You can track these calls at your convenient time by accessing the web based panel, which will be provided to you in our Missed call alert service.

Let’s have a look at the features –

  • A web based panel will be provided to you so that you can view all your missed calls.
  • There is no such boundation in the number of missed calls you receive.
  • You will get the appropriate report of your missed calls status, like timings, numbers, and dates.
  • IVR and email integration
  • Auto reply feature enables to send an automatic message to your customers after ending the call.

Missed call service also enables you to get a higher range of potential customers because only those people will try to connect with you who are really interested in knowing about your product and services, so here maximum of your efforts, for convincing the people about your services automatically get reduced.

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