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Now send regular reminders of your business offers, deals and coupons to your customers with our bulk SMS service. This is also a great marketing tool that never lets your customers forget you and also helps you in promoting your business.

Isn’t it amazing, by just creating a simple text message, you can now perform a great marketing strategy whose success is definite, as this bulk SMS tends many companies in building their unique image in this competitive market.

Despite its multiple features, it is easy to use too. You can easily customize your messages whenever you required, or can also update or modify the list of your customers to whom you are aimed to target through the bulk SMS gateway.

Let’s have a look at the features of our bulk SMS tool –

  • It works globally, so you can target your audience anywhere in the World.
  • Group messaging – this feature allows you to send the same message to multiple people at a time without using much effort. Let’s say you want to send your message to a specific age group of people or want to target the group of people from a particular location, so you can easily convey your message by just writing it once and then add the group of people in your list, then set the date or time on which you want to send your message to the people, within a few minutes, your task can be fulfilled easily.
  • A relevant sender ID will be provided to you which matches your business profile so that the receiver can easily get to know of your message purpose by just seeing your ID.
  • API integration facility helps you in sending alerts and promotional notifications to your customers.
  • You will also be facilitated by the multi-language option so that people of all the languages can easily understand what your message is all about, which leads you in promoting your business worldwide.
  • Bulk SMS excel plugin, reduces your time of adding your customers’ list one by one for sending them alerts, you can simply send messages to your customers directly from your excel sheet.
  • You will also receive delivery reports.

Mobile is one of the best source for market your business, as today everyone is super active on mobile phones, so this makes chances really higher of getting potential customers. As people can’t easily ignore your business notifications over their phones, and after noticing your business deals regularly, they will most likely to become your potential customers soon.

Type2sms is a leading organization catering in this digital marketing industry for long.

We always make sure to never let our clients’ expectations down by providing them satisfactory services. Our work strategy involves different techniques and tricks so that the messages you send to your audience will directly get a higher impact on their minds.

And also ensures the error-free process of sending messages, as even a single error can fully ruin your marketing plans of reaching the maximum people for generating good leads.

So contact us for your further bulk services needs, because we are the top bulk SMS service provider in Pune.

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